Wednesday, September 21, 2016

They Keep Killing Us

They Keep Killing Us

How much longer are THEY going to kill us, we are becoming dust. Brushed away...pushed aside as if we are decay. Rotten, Spoiled and Unwanted is what we are in the minds and hearts of the inaccurately Anointed. What makes THEM so much valued than us? In God's eyes we are suppose to be of the upper crust...Honorable and Humble we are apparently not. Because THEY keep killing us. -The Shadow

*The "they/them" are the men and women in Blue. The police who may just be afraid of You.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

No One is Right or Wrong...Freddie is Dead

Expressing your anger in the most violent form at your disposal is not right. We know that. Looting, trashing, stealing, or any other form of mayhem is recklessly irresponsible. Watts has never recovered. This behavior does not honor Freddie, Freddie is Dead. So says Curtis Mayfield. The destructive uproar continues the cycle of apathy that plagues the minds and hearts of a people that live in a World that can care less about them, Black Lives Don't Matter. 

Time and time again black and brown people around the globe are maligned or left out to die by God's climate warming inactivity (the Nepalese people are brown) which does nothing less than enrage the Browns and Blacks internally. This divine consequence becomes a Burning Spear that melts their souls. Imagine that, killed by the very weapon -the spear- that was no match for the European gun. The White Explorers won the battle. Harboring this rage is the equivalent to literally being on fire. You can't shake the pain. You can't stop the intense feeling of your skin dissolving. 

The evaporation of the flesh is similar to watching a man rape your mother. Your mother fights but the rape continues until the end. Not an Endless Love, it is an Endless Rape. This rape...this stripping that the black human has endured is manifesting in Baltimore and simmering in an awaiting city. Nothing...will extinguish a fire that's not controlled. It is the Fire Next Time. James Baldwin shared years ago what needs to be understood by the white masses:

"You must put yourself in the skin of a black man. . ." 

writes James Baldwin as he seeks to translate what it means to be a Negro in white America so that a white man can understand it.

It is not a fire intended for Purification. We all need that. The fire is the police's brutal and inhuman treatment of black men, Racial Injustice. The believed Right is represented in the images of black men and women who use their anger to dismantle their neighborhoods. The believed Wrong is the demoralization of what no black man/woman has ever obtained, Justice. Nothing is Just about integrating into a Burning House. Both, The Right and The Wrong are inflicted out of fear and corruptness. Both, The Right and The Wrong are outcomes that comfort and pacify the Looter. They are not thugs. 

That identification should be reserved for America's Founding Fathers. 

The looter is the Opportunist who prefers to be the mirror image of the policemen that did something so unconscionable a man's vertebrae was severed...completely broken in two. A duality that describes the United States of America, Two Different Worlds ( There is no Grey in this Anatomy. 

Both, the Cops and Opportunist are one in the same. They are cheapen CO's, Correctional Officers correcting nothing! They -the police- are the Corrupt Cause and they -the opportunist- are The Erratic Effect. No one wins. No one is honored. 

Freddie is Dead

"We're all built up with progress. But sometimes I must confess. We can deal with rockets and dreams. But reality, what does it mean? Ain't nothing said. Cause Freddie's dead!" -Curtis Mayfield  (

The Shadow

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eddie's Restraint

First, the critics (that includes you) said Eddie Murphy bombed...they said he was unprepared. Some even said he did not have 'it' anymore. Now, we know what Eddie was dealing with...we now know why he appeared to be discombobulated. He decided to do something that many are describing as 'stand-up'. He in fact with his act of granting a comedic reprieve spared Bill Cosby additional humiliation.  Humiliation that's based in accusations that have been substantiated by countless women from all walks of life.  If Bill's accusers are found to be truthful, Bill Cosby does not deserve the 'break' Eddie Murphy granted.

In the past, Murphy has been relentlessly Raw.

As far back as I can remember, Eddie Murphy has not been the comedian that spends a chunk of his stage time directly making fun of an individual. He has been known for mimicking several different personalities - but he has not been that comedian that randomly selects a member of an audience, and begin to make the comedy show-goer the butt of all his jokes.

The decision he made could have expelled him from the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary show...who knows Murphy's act of kindness may earn him a Macbeth tag. We know that decisions actors/celebrities make can damage or enhance their careers. It was obvious that Eddie Murphy does not give a damn. He is confident in that he will continue to get work. He is confident in knowing that his reputation of an once potty mouth comedian turned children's movie actor is intact.

One is able of doing this when he/she has cemented their legacy. Our legacy is all we have when you strip away money, talent, appearance and accolades. Bill Cosby's legacy should be rooted in The Adventures of Fat Albert, The Cosby Show and all the other contributions he has presented to the moral landscape of the world.

Eddie Murphy has helped us remember what it means to be a Giver and not a Taker. He did not take away more of what Cosby has lost...Respect. Murphy in this circumstance will be remembered for giving us (the public) the opportunity to remember Bill Cosby as which he was before the parade of women issued their accusations. Accusations that more than likely have merit. Bill is not innocent in my mind. If he is, there is a hell of a conspiracy that has been masterminded to malign him. And, we know that all those women are not lying. He is sitting in guilt to some degree. Knowing this, Murphy still gave Bill a pass. That should have been enough to prompt a continuation of 'not kicking a man' when he is down. It was not.

Kenan Thompson, the less funny guy, went ahead and gave the producers SNL producers what they wanted - an opportunity to make fun of Bill Cosby. There will always be that one person who refuses to exercise restraint. Kenan and Bill are two peas in a pod. They could not resist...they had to satisfy their temptation and ego-centered desires. Kenan the comedian who has to issue the last laugh and Bill the comedian turned Black Dad of television had to conquer women in a way that does nothing for his mojo.

Thanks, Eddie Murphy, for doing what Cosby and Thompson were unable to do.

The Shadow 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Bigger Penis 

A man's penis size is exceptionally important to him. It is more significant than his weight...his blood is more critical to him than his spiritual development. He would choose Hell over Heaven if he knew for certain that a larger ding-a-ling was on the way for his choice of Perdition. 

Men look at their penis more than they look at their woman/man in the eyes. We have to check it from time to time -often- to reassure ourselves of our manhood. Manhood is not linked to being a father or a provider for the family…NOPE…manhood is between his legs. His ego is validated depending on the size of his dick. 

Consequently, men use penis size to level the playing field with not only their female sex companions but with their home boys too. Yeah…don't be fooled, men still wonder if the other guy's dick is bigger or smaller. It is as if we are back in the middle school locker room peeping…secretly looking at our comrade’s cock. 

Wow. Jimmy has a little WHITE dick.”

“WOW. Byron has a big BLACK dick!”

We really don't do anything with the locker room information; we just want to know if the other guy can/will Slang better. Sounds gay or ridiculously immature? It is not - and if it does to someone it does not matter to the Dick Watcher or Sissy! As long as his dick watcher status does not go public he remains free of queer-implications (for some men fag-implication is a death sentence).

Additionally, the man with the big penis is usually an asshole to his girlfriend...or goes thru periods of being a complete JERK to her. Why? Because he knows with certainty that most women will tolerate almost anything from a man if the man is using his bigger penis to make her silently scream and shake during sex. That self-contained moan and orgasmic quiver is the man’s notification that his big penis is making her insane. He is finally in control, not her. 

This scenario is similar to the insanity most women endure once a month. Their PMS makes them literally impractical...irrational...delusional….and for some it makes them behave like a demon possessed Bitch. These women become intoxicated with insanity…by the premenstrual syndrome…by the Bigger Penis. They go from well-balanced human beings to pathetic pushovers – and ultimately will allow the man with the big dick to be an Ass. She is not stupid or crazy in love. Nope. She is Dicked…mesmerized by the workings of the size-superior penis and doomed by how it makes her feel. 

A small penis NEVER has this affect. Thus the reason Man wants, covets, desires, goes under the knife for a Bigger Penis. He knows that he is a disposal void if his dick is small. He is the man that exerts himself for no reason at all…He flexes over meaningless crap because his Johnson is an embarrassment…He is a gym class weakling to the fellas and he is a chap that his girl puts up with until she comes across,

The Bigger Penis…

The Shadow, The Shadow Series

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Recently, on two separate occasions two different women told me in essence:

'You are not necessarily a good catch.'

One indicated that I could not afford her and the other implied that I do not have time for her due to the fact that I have parental responsibilities.

For the past 3 weeks I have been thinking about their assertions/opinions/beliefs/decision to bypass me, a father of three (two of the children are here in GA with/near me and I am very active in the children lives) and a man (me) who has struggled in the job market for a lengthy time period, leaving me with limited monies.

I must admit I was somewhat taken a back...I actually developed an attitude. I began to get pissed off as the days passed. I eventually calmed down, and took a few moments to think a little more about their words/decisions and my feelings.

I certainly understand we all have standards and certain selection criteria. I also understand that these beautiful -in all the ways that I prefer- have a right to be selective.

What I typically do when a justification on why someone will not do something is presented to me: I become somewhat defensive if I have conceded to do the opposite before in my lifetime.
For example, I have willingly/freely/without judgment dated several women who could fall under the characterization of the above "Not Necessarily a Good Catch". I have been the boyfriend of a couple of women who had children at the time. I have also dated COUNTLESS women and became Mr. Boyfriend to quite a few females who were essentially broke...busted. Additionally, I personally know a number of good men who have become involved with single mothers and financially challenged women.

This confirms to me that men are quite tolerant when these so called barriers are realities. Just think about the men you know who have been daddy to kids that were not his own...think about that brother who was bill payer for women. Think about them...These men looked pass the 'unbecoming characteristics' - and dived in...into to the relationship with Baby Momma and/or Mrs. Penniless.

SO, I have a question:

Why have many of these women decided to PASS on a Broke Brother and/or active Baby Daddy when IN FACT if the scenario/situation was reversed the man would disregard the 'bad characteristics' - and embrace the female?
The Shadow